Helping Families Buy and Sell Homes

As real estate professionals, we have a great connection to the community.  Let us be your  resource that provides you with help and quality recommendations along the way.

It can “take a village” to make a successful real estate deal. Utilize the services of resources you can trust to support that success is key. Who do you want to be on your team?

1. Mortgage Broker – We are all contacted by numerous mortgage lenders and brokers hoping we will send our clients their way. My criteria in choosing a provider that I will entrust with my client is: offers diverse programs that can accommodate even my most complicated borrowers; efficient processing and underwriting that provides loan commitment one to two weeks prior to closing (no last-minute big lenders that are too busy to look at a file); above and beyond customer service; competitive interest rates and lock programs; and timely funding for closing.

2. Real Estate Attorney – An attorney MUST specialize in real estate. With all the potential legal issues that can arise, an experienced attorney can make or break a transaction. Communication is vital with all parties, and attention to deadlines is absolute.

3. Home Inspector – An experienced home inspector has to have a good balance between identifying potential issues with a home’s condition and avoiding the “alarmist” attitude. Whether it kills a deal or not, I expect my clients to get a thorough inspection and introduction to their potential home so they can make an educated decision on whether to proceed with their purchase. An inspector should work well with clients explaining in understandable terms what is good and what needs work.  Also, you should expect inspection reports to be thorough and timely.

4. Environmental Contractors – We have a list of specialists in testing, mitigation and remediation of radon, mold, lead, asbestos, soil, well and septic, water and air quality if you choose to perform these tests. 

5. Trade Contractors – Every agent gets requests for local painters, handymen, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, engineers and architects, roofers and exterior, landscapers, flooring, remodelers, designers, furnishings and much more.  Reach out to us if you have a project you are considering getting done. We have previous positive experience with or recommendations from trusted colleagues.

6. Homeowner Insurance – With so many insurance companies to choose from you may be best suited to use your current insurer to “bundle” policies for the greatest discounts. However, not all insurance companies will offer more complicated policies for vacant homes, investors, land, vacation homes, historic homes, etc. 

7. Community Information – School ratings, taxation, utilities, municipalities, park districts, crime statistics, emergency services, health care providers, community groups, public transportation, libraries, shopping, etc. are always useful to homebuyers. Some of this information is online but we can be your “welcome wagon” and help guide you on your search!

8. ELEVATE REAL ESTATE TEAM – In addition to our trusted referrals, Elevate Real Estate Team and our experience are your greatest resource. Besides the usual listing, marketing, home search and transaction coordination that a real estate agent does, we are your point of contact for current market information, area expertise, home improvement and staging recommendations, strategic pricing and offer negotiation to have the best chance at a successful closing. 

Recommendations to you are just recommendations. We also encourage you to do your own due diligence with what resources you choose and to explore multiple options.

A. Property Managers and Rental Owners